Automate Tasks, Free Up Staff Time, Increase Your Revenue

Combining Infusionsoft’s Email Marketing
with Your Health Practice

Maximize Your Time & Increase Your Profit

ClinicKonnect is a powerful combination of Cliniko and Infusionsoft, your helping hand in managing your practice, connecting with your current patients, bringing your previous patients back and growing your revenue via Automation.

Why Choose ClinicKonnect?

Two Systems in One for a Better Performance
ClinicKonnect uses Cliniko to help you improve your performance in your practice and Infusionsoft which automates tasks to help you maximize your time.

Monitor Your Patients Better
Notify your patients for their missed appointments, follow-up bookings, learn the patient’s history, and monitor how well your patients are doing with their treatment.

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Maximize your time & increase your profit while giving your patients the love and support they need.

How ClinicKonnect, Can Help You?

Automatic Updates

Save time & Energy by automatically updating your patients with their upcoming appointments

Connecting You
Directly to Your Patients

Connect directly with your patients for a more organized appointment making

Easy Segmentation

Add patients to specific mailing lists easily to give them personalized contents through taggin

Adding Patients to
Your Marketing Campaigns Easily

Automatically add your patients to your marketing campaign to give them relevant emails

Deliver Patient
Follow Up Automatically

Send reminders for patients who missed an appointment to encourage rebooking

Re-Book Your
Patients Automatically

Send an email to your patients to remind them they need to book a new appointment

Improves Your Performance
with Your Practice

Has a system that is triggered by your patient’s actions and needs, helping you provide superior customer service to your patients.

Appointment Making
Made Easier

Synchronized systems connect all the appointments made on Cliniko to your Infusionsoft account which makes appointment making easie

Increasing Your

Convert your Infusionsoft clients into patients by giving them relevant information

Become a Better Practitioner

Send a Personalised Email to Your Patient

Place tags on your patients, add them to a specific campaign and deliver targeted emails which are relevant to them.

Send Reminders

Remind your patients upcoming and missed appointments without calling them, giving you more time for important work.

See exactly what your patients are doing

The app makes it easy to see what actions your patients do and don’t take. How many missed appointments? How many follow-up bookings? How many new patients and where did they find you? Who reads your marketing communications and acts on them? See how well your business is performing by watching what your patients do.

Choose your actions based on patient behaviour

The system will add patients to specific campaigns according to their actions. For example, opening an email or clicking on a link. Each action can be set to trigger the next stage of the campaign, from sending an appointment confirmation email to promoting a product or service to help improve the patient’s health. And it all happens automatically.

Automate the routine communications

No more sending emails or making phone calls for routine matters. For example, a reminder email is automatically triggered when your receptionist marks a missed appointment. Ditch the time-sucking tasks and free up those hours for other important work.

Accurately target your marketing campaigns

Mark your patient data with relevant tags, such as ‘diabetic’. Your marketing emails on relevant topics can then be automatically sent to anyone with that tag. This means your messages are well-targeted, and more likely to be opened and read.

See the return on your investment

It’s all about relevance. When you offer something relevant to the patient, you’ll get a positive response. That’s how to build patient confidence in you, keep them coming back to your practice AND win more patients, too.

What Your System Will Do




​Adds new contacts from Cliniko into Infusionsoft and vice versa, usually updating 2-3 hours

Your contacts will be automatically updated between the 2 software platforms, no matter when platform you enter the details into

​​Automatically adds “Cliniko Patient” tag in Infusionsoft when the contact is a patient.

Your contacts will be automatically segmented as soon as they are synced to Infusionsoft

​​Maps multiple practitioners to a single Infusionsoft user, and assign as the owner of a contact.

The Infusionsoft user can keep track of notes and tasks for the patients to follow up as necessary

​​​Sync Last Business Visited to Custom Field on Corresponding Infusionsoft Contact

You can keep track of which business your patient visited last

​​​Tags names in notes field of the patient’s data simply by selecting a note template in the contacts notes. The systems sync usually every 2-3 hours

You will always have a record of actions that your patients have taken. The tags will automatically assign the patient to specific Infusionsoft campaign lists

Tags whether patient arrived or did not arrive at appointment

You can automatically follow up with your patients based on their actions

​Tags when an appointment is booked as well as when patients cancel or don’t arrive

You can re-engage with the patient and stop when the booking is made.

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