There’s one particular thing that I see so many practices doing over and over again when it comes to automation processes and it’s costing them a fortune. That is… sending the same email to all their clients.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m really glad they’re following up and emailing clients, but by not going this one step further they are missing out on so much lost revenue.

Watch this short video now to find out exactly what you SHOULD be doing instead:

The  One Size Fits All Approach:

Hey folks, Jason Buckner here from Automation Made Easy. Now, today I want to talk to you about my one pet peeve. Actually, I’ve got a few pet peeves, but this is a big one this week.

I’ve seen a number of customers trying to do a “one size fits all” kind of approach to their follow up… to their email marketing… to their processes, which is doing them a disservice.

So using marketing automation systems like Keap (previously Infusionsoft) or any of the others – I choose and use Keap. I don’t care which one you use, but so long as you’re using one of them – you don’t need to settle for… And I call it settle because you’re absolutely settling for a “one size fits all” kind of approach. What I mean there is sending the same emails to every single person on your database, okay?

Having Different Conversations Based On Past Actions (Or Non-Action):

We don’t need to do that, and we can be much, much, much smarter about the way we communicate with our database just by thinking about the process a little bit.

Say if someone opts in to a free report, for example, and we send follow up emails to get them to take some action. What about those people who actually have read the free report? What if they’ve read the eBook or whatever it is that they’ve opted in to, and we can tell because they’ve clicked through on a link in an email. Shouldn’t we have a different conversation with those people as opposed to those people who have opted in but have not clicked through and actually read the report yet?

Do you think we could be having different conversations there to be very, very specific to the people that have taken the action? And then also be very specific to the people that haven’t taken the action, to get them to take the action?

Another example there is after someone opts in. Say you’ve got a video series to build trust with them. If someone clicks through on each one of those videos and is fully engaged, could you have a different conversation with them to those people that have not clicked through on any of the videos and not taken any action? A hundred percent you could!

Automating Webinar Follow Ups:

On the same topic, another pet peeve on the same tone is when you run a webinar and you register people for the webinar and follow up to get them to turn up.

Then after the webinar you send the same email out to everyone whether they attended, whether they didn’t attend or they were absent. Whether they took the action that you want them to, or whether they didn’t take the action that you want them to.

You’re sending the same email out to everyone here to book for this session or buy this product – a limited time offer. And all of a sudden we’ve taken our ability to be very, very targeted in the way we communicate and we are just sending out this “one size fits all” kind of approach and it diminishes our results as a result of that.

Ideally, for a webinar, there are all sorts of follow up we could be putting in place. But absolutely, for those people that did attend and those who didn’t attend, have two completely different conversations there.

Smarter Business Automation:

So I want you to be much smarter about the way you’re communicating with your database, okay? I want you to think about: Does this email really suit?

Or could we be sending some emails based on some action or lack of action that your database is taking when they opt in for something or when they register for something?

Or even when you are sending out to your database as a broadcast, could you have a different conversation with a different group of people to be loads more targeted?

If the answer is yes, then the answer is yes… you should be doing that as well.

It’s super important. You’ve got the function at your fingertips, you’ve got this ability to do it, so why not maximise it and be very, very targeted? Give your customers or potential customers the contact that they deserve.

Most of your competitors aren’t doing this level of personalisation. So not only will this strategy be more helpful for your patients, it will increase repeat visits and referrals while helping you to stand out from other practices.

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