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Who Needs Practice Automation Software?

Practice automation software

Your practice is doing okay, but you wish it could grow faster. You believe that it just takes time – after all, you need to be able to treat enough patients to get them coming back on a routine basis. You are spending a small fortune to market your company and you are spending a lot on the staff to make that possible. But, what if practice automation software could step in and provide you with the support you need to get more done in less time?

When to Automate Your Services

There are many times when it simply makes sense to invest in practice automation software. The sooner you do so, the better your overall experience will be. Here are a few key examples of when it makes sense to automate more of your business to achieve more of your practice goals.

#1: You use multiple systems that take time to manage.

Many practices spend a great deal of time entering the same information into multiple systems. This is costly, but it does not have to happen. With automated solutions, the work is done for you automatically.

#2: You struggle to keep your patients in contact with you.

You may find that your patients are not always willing to come in for follow up appointments, but you know they are valuable. If you are finding yourself struggling to keep your patient contacts in line, automation can help.

#3: Your patients only visit when they are sick.

This is a big problem for many practices. Yes, you want to treat your patients when they need you the most, but you also want to be sure that they come in for preventative care and wellness check ups. If you are having a hard time accomplishing this goal, it may be time to automate the process.

#4: You need to market a new service or product to groups of people.

When it comes to marketing your practice, the right practice automation software can be very empowering. It can ensure that you are able to target specific groups of people with specific messages. You can enhance those messages around anything you need and send information about your services or products to those who will most likely benefit from them.

#5: You want to ensure your patients get the information they need.

After an appointment, it becomes essential to keep your patients coming back in for more information as well as learning about their health. With automation, you can do that more effortlessly. You can educate them over a period of time, giving them empowering information that can help them to make key decisions.

Practice automation software like this can transform the way your practice operates. It can enhance your organisation’s bottom line while also giving you the ability to learn more about how you can help your patients thrive. Take the time to update your systems to ensure as much automation as possible is in place.

What Should Practice Management Software Do for You?

Practice management software

Practice management software is not a new tool. It is something that most of today’s health care providers rely on for day to day operations. You likely spend a great deal of your time and money working towards updating software and managing patient files. Sure, they are no longer on paper, but you still need to input the information into a computer system. Even a basic program can do this for you. But, could it do more? Do you wish that you could empower your software to do a few more things for you so that you didn’t have to repeat so many of the tasks that you handle on a day to day basis? With the right upgrades and linking tools, you can achieve much more, in fact.

Create a Connection Between Your Practice and Your Email Marketing Software

One of the best ways to see the benefits of an enhanced practice management software program is just to do this. You need to link your practice software, such as services like Cliniko, with your email marketing software, such as Infusionsoft. When you do this, through a third-party service, your software is better able to provide for more of the needs your practice has. Let’s talk about the ways in which it can help give your practice management software more ability to work for you.

#1: It automates the appointment process.

Let’s say a patient comes in for an appointment. You input their information into your basic practice software. Now, if you are hoping to set this person up for reminders about their next appointment, your staff needs to also update your marketing platform, such as Infusionsoft, with that person’s information. It is very common for this to be an afterthought and a forgotten step. However, with this type of enhanced software program, it is done automatically for you. They get the reminders you want them to about upcoming appointments.

#2: You want to send your patients relevant information.

Perhaps your practice is focused on holistic wellbeing. You want to encourage your patients to learn more about what the services you are offer are and why they benefit their health. You want to educate your patients with relevant information. When you have a tool in place to automate this process, it becomes easy to do this. The tool works to learn who in your practice software could benefit and then sets them up to receive those emails.

#3: You want to get back older patients.

Perhaps you want to ensure you can get older patients to return to you who may not have been in to see you in some time. The right type of tool can begin an email marketing series to attract those individuals and draw them in.

With practice management software like this, you are able to do much more than the basics. It can save you time and money while also helping you to provide a better level of service and care.

Giving Infusionsoft More Help to Transform Your Practice

Infusionsoft business automation

How much time and money are you spending on building your practice? You may have invested in a tool called Infusionsoft to do this. It works very well and offers a wide range of benefits to its users. In short, this is something you do not want to take for granted, but it does have limitations. And, understanding what those limitations are can be a very important step in building your practice. If you are looking for a way to improve the way you market your business, consider software automation that can increase the power and ability of Infusionsoft. Let’s see how a transformation can help.

Your Current Systems Work Opposite Each Other

Within many medical care practices, there are software programs you use and take advantage of every single day. You may be using a software program such as Cliniko, for example, to manage your practice. You use it reliably. But, if you want to set up your patients to receive emails from you, you need to turn to a separate tool, such as Infusionsoft, to get that set up. That means you need to input a great deal of information from one system into the other. And, you need to keep this information up to date or, unfortunately, there is little benefit to using them.

But, what if you could set up a system that would instead empower your tools to work together? This way, when you input data into your practice management software, it automatically goes into Infusionsoft. The end result here is that your patients are instantly ready to receive any information necessary and your team does not have to spend the time and money doing the work for you to make this possible. It can be one of the best updates you make, in fact.

Consider How This Could Transform Your Business

How could these factors change the way you practice operates? In many ways, actually, it can enhance the actions of your company:

  • You can set up reminders in your systems that automatically send them appointment reminders as well as check-up reminders. This instantly occurs once your new patient is in the system or a new appointment is made.
  • You can automate the process of sending email marketing if you want to encourage your older patients to come back in or you want to educate them about a specific topic or service you plan to offer.
  • You can create targeted groups to send specific emails to. In doing this, you are able to connect your clients effectively to the information they need specifically to keep your business moving ahead. You don’t have to rely on your staff to do this for you.

By utilizing this type of help for Infusionsoft, you are finally able to build your practice in a more efficient manner. And, you are able to give your patients the level of service and attention to their needs that they need and that they expect.

How to Get More Out of Cliniko to Grow Your Practice

Growing your health care practice takes a lot of work. You need to focus on providing a quality service to your patients. But, you also need to market so that people know that your business is there and that it can provide the care they need. One of the most popular tools for managing a health care practice is Cliniko. It is versatile and very effective at helping you to manage the details. From collecting information about patient visits to gathering information about payments, it does most of the work of managing your business for you. But, it does not handle the marketing.

Health Care Providers Aren’t Marketers

You may recognise that your health care practice is more than just a practice. It is a business. When you consider this, it is easy to see that as a business, you need to market your services and offerings to ensure people know about it. And, that does not mean just launching a social media campaign through a blog or sending off a few radio or TV commercials. Those are important steps, but you also need to market within your practice to reach more people. This is where Cliniko cannot help you.

However, you can link automation software to Cliniko that can transform your day to day operations into a tool for marketing your practice. Yes, you can create a simple link between your Cliniko services and services line Infusionsoft, which can help you to automate your email marketing campaigns.

Let’s face it – you are a medical provider. You are not a marketer. But, if you already have the basic tools in place, why not automate the process so that you can bring in your patients not just one time, but numerous times? Why not get them back in the door so that you are not overspending your budget on marketing aspects?

Automation Simplifies the Process

Cliniko solutions can link your practice tools with your marketing. By creating this link, a variety of the manual steps necessary to launch email marketing campaigns evaporate. You now can focus on providing that high level of service your clients and patients want and need. And, the email marketing tools you rely on to get your patients back in to see you again are fully in place. The key here is that the entire process is automated, reducing your costs, improving your bottom line, and boosting the results you get.

What does all of this mean? If you are using Cliniko, you need a bit more help to manage the marketing component of your business. With the right tools, it becomes possible to manage the potential success of your organisation in a seamless process. With automation, you are able to achieve more of the marketing you need without having to spend a lot of time – or money – doing that type of work yourself. It can be empowering and it can be an excellent way to grow your practice.

Encourage Clients to Continue with Chiropractor Automation Software

Chiropractor automation software 

One of the most complicated components of developing a successful chiropractic practice is getting your patients in the door on a routine basis. In chiropractic care, of course, the only way improvement can happen in this natural, holistic manner, is through repeated, ongoing care. That means that they need to come in to see you on a constant basis. But, getting the patient in the door can be a challenge even when that patient knows the care you are providing is beneficial to their needs. This is where chiropractic automation software can play a big role in the success of your organisation.

Understanding The Problem

In most chiropractic offices, that initial visit is a learning experience for your patients. They need to learn that the care you can provide is likely to provide them with incredible results and that that care is going to take time. It happens over numerous appointments. There is no quick fix. And, yet, this care is the best for the patient. Many times, patients will come in for a few appointments. Then, they start to back out of them. Without a constant reminder of what the benefits are, they simply will not make it in as often as they should.

Without a way to connect with and educate your patients about the type of care they need, when to get it, why they need it, and the benefits it offers, they simply will not come back in to get the care necessary. And, that’s a problem. Yet, with chiropractic automation software, you can develop an email campaign that gets them back in the door more consistently, ensuring you can provide them with the level of care they need and want.

How Automation Can Help

Initially, chiropractor automation software works as a simple reminder tool. Your patient’s information is put into the system after he or she visits you. Then, the system can do more. If your patient misses an appointment, that can trigger a response and a set of emails reminding them of the benefits of coming in for consistent care. And, if they begin to stop coming in for the care you are offering, that can trigger a new set of emails. This time, they can learn more about how chiropractic care can help and how they can see the benefits it can offer to their situation. The key here is that every step of this process includes automation. That means that you do not have to manually send this to your patients. It happens on its own.

Chiropractor automation software like this is quite important. It can be one of the most important tools you have to get your practice to grow and develop into the success you know it can be. It is essential to build a strong email marketing campaign using practice specific information like this. Doing so will foster growth and help you to get the repeat visits you need.

How Top-Quality Physio Automation Software Enhances Your Patient Success

Physiotherapy automation software

When it comes to providing your patients with the highest level of care and service, one thing is essential to remember. You can only provide them with the results they need and want – within the limits of their condition – if they show up and provide you with the opportunity. However, with the help of physio automation software, it is suddenly possible to achieve much more than you thought was possible. That’s because you can now reach out and motivate your patients to come in and get the care they need.

Not Coming Back?

One of the ways that physio automation software can help is by providing you with a way to get your patients back in the door after they have visited the first time. Here’s a scenario that often occurs. You receive a call from someone who needs help. They visit. You tell them you can help. Then, they disappear. You know they still need that help. With this type of automation in place, you can begin prompting your patient to come back to get the care they need. This is empowering because it allows you to automatically send reminders and information that spurs them on – suddenly they are able to remember and see the value in visiting again.

Provide Them With Information They Need When They Need It

In some situations, the best quality physio automation software empowers you to supply your patients with the information and guidance they need when they need it. For example, you can choose to automate the process however you want with the goal of sending them information that is appropriate for their current behaviour. This means, for example, a trigger is put in place. When they call to make an appointment, they automatically begin on a path of receiving step by step information that helps to keep them on track and motivated.

You Market To Those Who Need It

Sometimes, you know that the complimentary services that you can offer to your clients is also very valuable. And, yet, they do not seem to be knowledgeable or interested in it. However, with the right type of information presented at the right time, you can suddenly get them back onto the right path. For example, you may be able to show them through a series of emails just how valuable a seminar or training program is for them. You can present them with an opportunity to clearly see that this is worth their time and effort.

It is a lot of work to get your patients in the door. However, you also need to keep these people coming back to you time and time again. That is rarely easy to do. With physio automation software, it becomes possible again. You quickly gain the information and insight necessary to help pull your patients back in the door so you can continue to provide them with the care and attention they need.

Is Osteo Automation Software the Right Choice for Your Practice?

Osteopath automation software

When it comes advancing your osteo practice, do you think only about providing your patients with more services and perhaps more advanced care? Perhaps you think about enhancing the services you offer and marketing to a new target audience. While this can work and may be a good option for some situations, there is another goal in mind. Osteo automation software – such as software that connects your Cliniko and Infusionsoft systems – can give you the ability to improve many of the tasks your team is doing on its own manually right now.

Why Osteo Automation Software Matters

Automation software is not the first thing to come to the mind of most practice providers. Most healthcare providers focus on providing their patients with very personalised service. Yet, automation within your practice is a very good thing. It can significantly enhance the way you do business and provides a clear way for you to reach your patients in a more profound manner. Take a look at some of the ways you can automate aspects of your business.

  • Automate the link between your two systems – Cliniko and Infusionsoft. Now, right now, many practices must manually include information in both systems before their patients will receive all information possible. That takes time, and it is expensive. To work around this, look for a solution that automates the entire process.
  • Consider solutions that allow you to automatically tag patients who may benefit from your marketing. Imagine imputing information into Cliniko and being able to automatically tag that person for including into specific Infusionsoft components.
  • You can automate many aspects of your practice. This might include, for example, sending appointment reminders to your patients. And, when they do not make an appointment, you automate the process of getting them to rebook those appointments. Your in-office team is no longer tasked with this need.
  • You can link key people to your marketing campaign and provide detailed information that meets that groups’ needs. This is done automatically, creating a scenario in which you can market to those who, for example, came in for a consultation and another marketing plan for those who came in for their first appointment but didn’t book a second
  • Provide follow up information and resources to your patients as they go. With osteo automation software, you no longer have to reach out to individuals to manage this process. It is all streamlined highly effectively, and it provides your business with the ability to spend more time on patient care and less time on the tedious tasks of operating your business.

Osteo automation software can help your practice to get the help it needs to grow and flourish. It provides a clear path towards growth while also limiting expenses. By doing this, through automation, your practice can grow and achieve more of what it needs to while your patients get the top of the line care they expect and need from you.


Allied Health Automation: Connecting Tools to Increase Your Market Reach

Allied health automation 

When you connect Cliniko and Infusionsoft, this allied health automation can work for the betterment of your business in many ways.  This type of automated and linked system provides a variety of benefits to your business. And, it can do so seamlessly. There is not a lot to learn – your team is already using the software necessary to accomplish these goals. But, instead of using that in two forms and two systems, there is now a simple link that can create an impressive result for your business. Let’s talk a look at how this can work for you.

How an Allied Health Automation Link Makes the Difference

When it comes to creating this link between your practice software and your marketing software, you are able to achieve more of the goals you have within your practice. Most health care practices benefit from this type of connection right away seeing benefits and a growing practice nearly immediately. Here is a look at some of the benefits you will notice when you make this move.

  • Your contacts are updated between these two programs automatically. That means there is no need to manage the manual updates that have become so common. You end up saving time, and that means less money spent on the costs of running your business. You also reduce the risk of human errors limiting your marketing reach.
  • Next, when you create this type of allied health automation, you also can follow up with your patients who would otherwise forget that you provided them with care. This is done automatically as well. It allows your practice to continue to provide the care that your patients need in a more profound manner.
  • You are able to keep your patients and others involved in your email marketing campaigns. You know that they can benefit from the information and resources that you have to offer and this allows you to make it happen automatically. This allows you to choose what marketing campaign to send to any patient.
  • You can follow up with the patients that miss their appointments. This gives you some nice tools to see who is not meeting their appointment goals and perhaps gives you an opportunity to reach out to them to find out why. The system allows you to send reminders and encourages them to rebook those appointments, too.
  • You can grow your practice using this connection. Finally, the system is able to trigger patient actions and needs. This means they are more likely to get in to see you on a regular basis because you are providing them with the key information they need to do just that.

Now is an excellent time to consider how allied health automation like this can make a difference to the way you operate your practice. Could a connection between your software tools help you to build your business and practice more effectively? In most cases, the answer to that is yes.

Connect Cliniko and Infusionsoft to Build Your Practice

Connect cliniko and infusionsoft 


There are many ways to build your health care practice. In some situations, you may wish to use numerous methods that can work together to create a cohesive plan to build your practice. For example, you may be using online and offline advertising. You may be spending a lot of your time encouraging word of mouth advertising where your current patients tell others about you. You may be working on boosting the reviews online. However, do not overlook the benefit of connecting two of the systems you are already using right now to build your practice. When you connect Cliniko and Infusionsoft, you empower some pretty incredible things.

How You’ll See the Benefits

When you connect Cliniko and Infusionsoft, there are multiple ways that you will notice your practice growing. And, by that, realize that this includes seeing more people come to your location for care and getting access to more repeat clients. It is the combination of building both ends here that is going to allow your practice to flourish in the long term. To achieve this, connect Cliniko and Infusionsoft. When you do, several key things will take place.

#1: You get your patients back in for routine visits.

One of the first things that will happen will be getting your current patients back in to see you on a more often. This is good for them, of course, because it ensures you are able to get them back in for the care they need. This repeat visit, though, is also good for building your client base and your practice. This link helps you to establish your business more fully because your clients remember to visit you again.

#2: You get to provide the right marketing message to the right people.

Another key benefit that occurs when you connect Cliniko and Infusionsoft is that you are able to send marketing messages to those who are most likely to respond to them. That is, you can provide your patients with the information they need at the specific time they need it whether it is about the upcoming services you are offering or about the overall care they need on a regular basis.

#3: Your patients tell others about you because you are more front and centre in their minds.

Now that you are using these tools to send important messages, your patients are coming in more frequently. You are providing them with an improved level of care. They are happy. And, that leads to more word of mouth advertising. Now, they know to recommend your company and practice to others. That becomes incredible to your practice’s growth.

When it comes down to it, there are many benefits to reaching out to your patient base on a regular basis like this. When you connect Cliniko and Infusionsoft, you are able to finally open up the barrier that is otherwise limiting your access to your patients and your practice growth.

Connecting Infusionsoft to Cliniko Improves Patient Retention

Connecting Infusionsoft to Cliniko Improves Patient Retention

Client and patient retention is one of the foundations of a successful practice. It takes a great deal of time and money to work to bring in a constant flow of new patients. However, with the right solutions in place, it may be possible to retain more of your current patient base. This reduces the amount of money you spend on obtaining new patients, but also gives you the ability to build a better reputation as the go-to solution for the care and services you provide. One way to do this uses already in use tools. By connecting Infusionsoft to Cliniko, you can create that patient retention you need for good.

It’s Too Expensive to Market for New Patients Solely

There are two key reasons why connecting Infusionsoft to Cliniko makes sense for retention. First, consider how much you spend every week, month, and year on obtaining new patients. Most of the time, health care providers spend a significant amount on this type of new marketing. For example, you have to build your social media presence. You need to work towards building a local marketing effort both online and offline. How much do you spend for listing services and other types of marketing? This is expensive, and it is an expense that some practices see as necessary in order to keep in business. While you need some marketing, you may be able to reduce at least some of your costs with a more effective retention plan.

Secondly, retention improves reputations. Are you going to go to the medical provider that is recommended by a friend that has been there dozens of times or one that your friend had experience with just once? In every situation, retention improves your health care practice’s overall ability to be a well respected practice in the community. That’s important for your bottom line.

How Connecting Infusionsoft to Cliniko Helps

When you link these two powerful tools, you instantly gain access to a way to connect your practice to your marketing. Now, with a few clicks, you can easily communicate and remind your patients to come back to you. They receive emails and notices about the services you offer. You build not just one that one time experience your patient has, but on the long term needs they have. By linking these two areas, you can finally build retention.

What’s important to remember here is that you need to market, but when you market through your practices already in place service, you streamline the process, get better results, and you finally can reduce some of the costs you have for marketing for new patients. And, of course, you are building a solid local relationship with your clients and patients. They are likely to come back to you more often and tell their friends about the services that you offer. It is this connection that can create such an important resource to you and it comes from connecting Infusionsoft to Cliniko.