Investing in your patients can always be worthwhile. Today, it seems that many health care practices are looking for ways to improve the quality of care they offer patients. When your patient comes in, you know exactly how to care for them. And, that your team is providing exceptional attention and service.

There are probably countless services that are being offered to provide that extra level of care patients demand. Yet, they do not always come back as often as they should. Consequently, this behaviour can be quite concerning for many practices. A Cliniko Keap (previously known as Infusionsoft) integration can, therefore, help you to get your patients back in sooner and more frequently so you can provide them with enhanced service.

How a Link Can Change Everything

Cliniko Keap (Infusionsoft) integration can really be an empowering change for many health care practices. It provides a simple way to manage your patients’ needs without having to burden your practice with more work.

Here’s a look at how it can help improve your patients’ well-being and overall health. In many ways, this simple integration, using the right systems, can transform the way your operation works saving you money. Hence, making you more profitable and building a better basis for health for your patients.

The Process

The patient comes in for an appointment.

Their experience is a positive one because you are providing exceptional care. Being satisfied (and they seem to be, too) with that level. How could it be enhanced?

You encourage regular visits or follow ups.

In addition to the follow up appointment, you encourage the patient to come in for a regular checks every four weeks. They’ve agreed they need to or at very least, book the appointment. Instead of relying on the patient to remember the appointment, you can make it possible to automatically remind, schedule and provide specific information. Since you have a Cliniko Keap (Infusionsoft) integration. Your patient is all set up to receive automated emails reminding them about scheduling that next appointment.

The result

When that four weeks (or other timeframe) almost arrives, your employee receives an email reminder. They remember the importance and come in to see you because that was the instruction listed. Furthermore, the email that has been sent to the patient can be customised with specific information relevant to them.

By doing this, your patient continues to receive the ongoing care he or she needs. Your patient is happy. They appreciate the care they receive. They know you are caring about their wellbeing. And, that, as an end result, gets them back to your office more often. In addition, it may even encourage them to refer your services to others.

 A Cliniko Keap (Infusionsoft) Integration

All of this comes from a Cliniko Keap (Infusionsoft) integration. When you link these two powerful systems together, the information can travel through to the patient automatically. Hence empowering them to continuously come back and get the care they need.

If your health care practice wants to provide its patients with ongoing, supportive services, this integration can be quite beneficial. As a result, a Cliniko Keap (Infusionsoft) integration can improve your patients health and quality of life. It ensures the best outcome is possible for all of those involved while providing and receiving care.