Why it’s important to follow-up patient appointments:

Recently we looked at how to sync your Cliniko patients to Keap and then how to sync your Cliniko appointments to Keap.

But now, let me ask you a very important question…

Do you follow-up with your patients depending on whether or not they attended their appointment?

Why is this so important to follow-up patient appointments? Because your competitors are possibly already doing this and it can make a MASSIVE difference to your business. Not only to your profits, but your reputation, repeat visits and how you market to get new patients.

Yeah, yeah… I hear you. “I don’t have time to follow-up with all of my patients, nor does my team.”

But what if you could automate the process?

Just set up the campaigns and then the entire follow up process can be automated. This is then triggered by simply marking each patient as either “Arrived” or “Did Not Arrive”.

Here’s a short video to explain how this is done:

After the appointment has been booked:

The next thing to talk about after an appointment’s booked is whether the appointment attendee – the patient or client – actually turns up for that appointment.

And so we have two tags associated around that:

  1. One is patient arrived, and
  2. The second is patient did not arrive.

Now in some clinics, a lot of us are potentially a little bit slack when it comes to using the Cliniko features. This is an important note to make sure you use the features.

Let me explain that a little bit further…

When we’re in Cliniko and we’re in an appointment and say the appointment “Arrived” or “Did not arrive”

follow-up patient appointments

…when we click into our appointment, we need to make sure we continue to use the “Arrived” or “Did not arrive” in the appointment details here now, because those two button there will sync across to Infusionsoft.

follow-up patient appointments

Create a campaign:

Now, when they sync across to Keap (previously Infusionsoft), of course, you can create a campaign.

If someone arrived, that’s good. We can say that someone arrived and maybe set a three month timer in Infusionsoft to see when they arrive next or a five week timer or something like that, to see when they’re going to arrive next.

If they don’t arrive, then we start an engagement campaign to get them to come in for the next appointment.

Whereas if they did not arrive and they hadn’t canceled their appointment, then of course we want to follow up with them as much as we possibly can and get them to book another appointment so that we can continue their treatment and continue their journey.

So again, when a “Patient Arrived” tag is applied, we want to start a campaign. And the first thing we want to do is remove the “Patient Arrived” tag.

And then the same with the “Patient Did Not Arrive”… we want to remove that “Patient Did Not Arrive” tag first and then send them off into a campaign.

Of course, “Patient Arrived” could also end a campaign as well, thinking about it. If you’ve got a three month loop or a five week loop or something like that for when you want someone to be back into the clinic and if they arrive into the clinic in the meantime that could end a campaign and then restart a campaign at the same time.

So “Patient Arrived” and “Patient Did Not Arrive” is the action around someone coming into the clinic or not arriving into the clinic.

Would you like to be automatically following-up like this?

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