Growing your health care practice takes a lot of work. You need to focus on providing a quality service to your patients. But, you also need to market so that people know that your business is there and that it can provide the care they need. One of the most popular tools for managing a health care practice is Cliniko. It is versatile and very effective at helping you to manage the details. From collecting information about patient visits to gathering information about payments, it does most of the work of managing your business for you. But, it does not handle the marketing.

Health Care Providers Aren’t Marketers

You may recognise that your health care practice is more than just a practice. It is a business. When you consider this, it is easy to see that as a business, you need to market your services and offerings to ensure people know about it. And, that does not mean just launching a social media campaign through a blog or sending off a few radio or TV commercials. Those are important steps, but you also need to market within your practice to reach more people. This is where Cliniko cannot help you.

However, you can link automation software to Cliniko that can transform your day to day operations into a tool for marketing your practice. Yes, you can create a simple link between your Cliniko services and services line Keap (previously known as Infusionsoft), which can help you to automate your email marketing campaigns.

Let’s face it – you are a medical provider. You are not a marketer. But, if you already have the basic tools in place, why not automate the process so that you can bring in your patients not just one time, but numerous times? Why not get them back in the door so that you are not overspending your budget on marketing aspects?

Automation Simplifies the Process

Cliniko solutions can link your practice tools with your marketing. By creating this link, a variety of the manual steps necessary to launch email marketing campaigns evaporate. You now can focus on providing that high level of service your clients and patients want and need. And, the email marketing tools you rely on to get your patients back in to see you again are fully in place. The key here is that the entire process is automated, reducing your costs, improving your bottom line, and boosting the results you get.

What does all of this mean? If you are using Cliniko, you need a bit more help to manage the marketing component of your business. With the right tools, it becomes possible to manage the potential success of your organisation in a seamless process. With automation, you are able to achieve more of the marketing you need without having to spend a lot of time – or money – doing that type of work yourself. It can be empowering and it can be an excellent way to grow your practice.