How much time and money are you spending on building your practice? You may have invested in a tool called Keap (previously called Infusionsoft) to do this. It works very well and offers a wide range of benefits to its users. In short, this is something you do not want to take for granted, but it does have limitations. And, understanding what those limitations are can be a very important step in building your practice. If you are looking for a way to improve the way you market your business, consider software automation that can increase the power and ability of Keap. Let’s see how a transformation can help.

Your Current Systems Work Opposite Each Other

Within many medical care practices, there are software programs you use and take advantage of every single day. You may be using a software program such as Cliniko, for example, to manage your practice. You use it reliably. But, if you want to set up your patients to receive emails from you, you need to turn to a separate tool, such as Keap (previously Infusionsoft), to get that set up. That means you need to input a great deal of information from one system into the other. And, you need to keep this information up to date or, unfortunately, there is little benefit to using them.

But, what if you could set up a system that would instead empower your tools to work together? This way, when you input data into your practice management software, it automatically goes into Keap. The end result here is that your patients are instantly ready to receive any information necessary and your team does not have to spend the time and money doing the work for you to make this possible. It can be one of the best updates you make, in fact.

Consider How This Could Transform Your Business

How could these factors change the way you practice operates? In many ways, actually, it can enhance the actions of your company:

  • You can set up reminders in your systems that automatically send them appointment reminders as well as check-up reminders. This instantly occurs once your new patient is in the system or a new appointment is made.
  • You can automate the process of sending email marketing if you want to encourage your older patients to come back in or you want to educate them about a specific topic or service you plan to offer.
  • You can create targeted groups to send specific emails to. In doing this, you are able to connect your clients effectively to the information they need specifically to keep your business moving ahead. You don’t have to rely on your staff to do this for you.

By utilizing this type of help for Keap, you are finally able to build your practice in a more efficient manner. And, you are able to give your patients the level of service and attention to their needs that they need and that they expect.