How ClinicKonnect Works?

Synchronizes your Cliniko to your Infusionsoft account, allowing you to:
  • Store all information about your patient in one place
  • Notify your patients for an upcoming appointment automatically
  • Follow-up patients who missed appointments without calling them
  • Send relevant information to your patient

Why Choose ClinicKonnect?

Updates Your New Contacts
New contacts from Cliniko gets automatically added to your Infusionsoft account making it easier for you to view your patient’s details.

Segments Your
Patient Automatically

Automatically tags and segments your patients as soon as you synchronize your Cliniko to Infusionsoft.

Displays Multiple Practitioners
for One User
Allows you to keep track
of your patient’s notes so
you can follow them up quickly.

Tracks Which Business
Your Patient Visited
Allows you to view the last business visited by your patient for better monitoring.

Automated Tags
Automatically tags your patient
to a specific mailing
campaign based
on the actions they take.

Notify Patients
Automatically notifies patients who have missed their appointments as well as those who have successfully booked an appointment.

Get access to ClinicKonnect Now!

Free-up staff time, give timely appointment reminders and follow-ups, increase your revenue