Whether you’re open to clients or you’ve had to close, you’ll be noticing the impact on your bottom line.

Remember that this won’t last forever. We’ll get through it.

How many of your clients will come through with you?

If you’ve followed the tips in my previous videos, you’ll be in a good place right now.

You’ve checked in with your clients and given them ideas or exercises to do until they can come back to see you.

But you know that while people start off with the best intentions, they run out of enthusiasm fast.

The trouble is, they need someone to keep them motivated…

Someone to make sure they are doing their exercises or activities correctly…

Hi Jason Buckner here from ClinicKonnect and Automation Made Easy, just following up on the problems that we’re all having right now in our clinics, and that’s not so many people coming in and, and everyone’s staying at home, and not so much engagement with all of our customers because of this coronavirus period. So another thing I want you to be thinking about doing so that you can get through this period, you can bring your customers with you through this period, and then have them ready to come back in when operations go fully, or if you’re still open and you want some more engagement in there for when you know everyone comes from home and starts working back in the city near your clinic or working back near clinic again and you get those re-bookings, we need to stay engaged with everyone.
Now previously we’ve talked about some sort of content to get out to the database in blog posts and video, but now what I’d like you to think about is what can you do outside the box? What can you do bigger and better than what just those individual items of content will be? So you’ll find that about 15 to 20% of people will take that content that you’ve given them and they will do it, they will set up their own plan and they’ll do their exercises, whatever it is they need to because they’re self starters. And then there’ll be some other people during this period that need a little bit more of, “Hey, I want you to do this and I want you to do it now.” And some more direction and some more engagement.
And the way we help those customers is by setting up a group session, maybe on Zoom meeting is a good way to do it, where everyone can come into, say, a class, rather than just individually sent out content. And so they come along to this class, maybe it’s a working from home de-stressed class, exercise session, or something along the lines of that, and you get out there and you get people coming along, you do the exercises together, you watch the exercises on the screen, “Oh, Jason, just pull down a little bit further,” doing them together, giving some feedback so that people can make sure they’re doing them right. But then they also get the engagement with everybody else on the call as well, so it’s a bit of a community then, we’re building a tribe. And building a tribe right now is what’s going to get people following you back into the clinic later, okay?
So schedule them, email out to the database, give people a link, get them to come along and do it on a regular basis. Zoom meeting is a good one for them, also you can maybe stream live to Facebook or do it as a Facebook Live, or both, do a Zoom meeting and stream to Facebook Live or Instagram Live at the same time so you can get engagement in a couple of different avenues there. Super cool stuff, and to be creative as well. Exercise classes, it could be Pilates or yoga or anything like that, that can help strengthen the back and make sure we’re not getting sore sitting at these substandard desks, reduce our stress, anything there that can happen, anything there that you can do and give some training and advice and feedback on is going to be vital for bringing your customers through with you. Let me know if you’ve got any questions, otherwise, see online.