Once you’ve used ClinicKonnect to successfully sync your Cliniko and Keap accounts it’s time to start setting up your processes so various tasks can be automated. The first step we recommend is how to sync Cliniko patients to your Keap account.

This video and post below explain exactly how to do this:

Congratulations on getting this far. This means that your ClinicKonnect sync between Cliniko and Keap (previously Infusionsoft) has been created. So give yourself a pat on the back for this step forward in automating your clinic.

Now the first thing we’re going to go through here today is the Cliniko patients.

Step 1: The Basics

Cliniko patients will be synced from your Cliniko account to your Keap account every hour as a standard – or whatever time period you put into the form when you set up that in the last step… let’s assume you set it up for every hour.

So they get synced every hour and every time there is a new Cliniko patient, basically that Cliniko patient will receive the “Cliniko patients” tag.

With this tag, we can start a nurture campaign, we can start a series of emails, a series of SMSs… whatever you want to build into your Keap campaigns. Basically this tag is only going to update after the first sync.

What that means is that this tag will only update new patients that have been added into your Keap account since the last sync. You don’t even have to remove this tag, however, you could remove it if you wanted to.

Let’s have a look at an example of what we might do inside the campaign builder.

How To Sync Clinico Patients

Step 2: The Nurture Campaign

We might have “Patient Nurture”, and we might have that “Cliniko patients” when that tag is applied. Then you can start whatever nurture campaign you like. I generally would remove the tag and apply “reporting” in here.

Then I would go on to have a nurture sequence afterwards, and then a “New Client Onboarding”sequence – what to expect and potentially an SMS that we would send via a HTT post to an SMS provider (a “Welcome” SMS).

How To Sync Clinico Patients

And then a welcome email that goes out a short while after that. This means potentially putting in a delay timer in here.

Potentially in here you can include some details about what they can expect from osteopathic treatment or from physio treatment or chiro treatment or sleep therapy or whatever your clinic specialises in. You can include information on what to expect from the treatment and then a delay timer.

You may potentially include a delay for a day or two days or something like that between emails.

Then add some more nurture emails in here. This could include the history of the clinic and other relevant, helpful information. The aim here is to send some nurture emails to nurture your customer… to build rapport and help them to get to know, like and trust you.

How To Sync Clinico Patients

Now, every time that ClinicKonnect sync from Cliniko to Keap goes through, it will only update patients that haven’t been synced previously. So it only updates new patients into your Keap system.

Once these processes for how to sync Cliniko patients to your Keap account have been set up you’ll be amazed at the improved communications, results and records being kept… all without any effort at all from you.