Let’s get prepared for business after COVID-19.

You’ve put a lot of effort into building and maintaining the connection with your clients.

You want that to pay off once the restrictions are lifted. You want them to book in with you again.

You know, things might not go back to normal.

People might not automatically come back to you.

They’ve had time to think about their choices and priorities.

Now, because you’ve been in regular contact, offering personal and useful advice, chances are you’ll be the person they trust and choose.

But can your business afford to depend on possibilities?

Wouldn’t you like to be confident they’ll choose you?

Jason Buckner here from ClinicKonnect and Automation Made Easy. Just want to talk to you now about the process that you’re going to need to start preparing for after you’ve been doing all of this engagement and extra effort and everything online for free to build your tribe and to build the following that you have with your customers outside of the clinic. Now we want to start preparing for when they start coming back into the clinic. So, I want you to start thinking about what it is that you can do, what it is that you can promote to get people coming back in. So, what I recommend here to do is to start putting together a little bit of a package, and I want you to be a little bit creative with what that package might be. It might be a “coming back to work” package. All the stressors that are involved in getting out of this home offers comfort zone and getting back into the office, and put together something like a package of physio sessions, a package of osteo sessions, whatever your core business is, physio, osteo or chiro.
And then, what can you bundle in with that package to help people de-stress after having to go back into the office again? There’ll be potentially massage, if you have that service. Maybe some podiatry even, if people are back on their feet again and having some leg problems. It’s amazing how much we sit around when we’re at home and what we could be doing to help when people are getting back onto their feet. So, I want you to start thinking about a package, potentially putting together an overwhelming offer that’s going to entice people to get back in and to start looking after their bodies again. Now remember, this is important that you’ve been engaging with people all the way through to keep them active in content and tribe and community. So that if we’ve done that through this period, then when it comes time to promote to get people to come back in, we will be able to do it.
So I want you to think about packaging together, some osteo or physio or chiro, your service. And then packaging in there some stretching and maybe there’s a foam roller that has to go in or some other product that’s going to help people through this period as well that you can implement and package up together. This special could be a sold all in one go. So they buy it online and pay one price, 197, 297, whatever that might be.
And then maybe what you can also think about doing is having some sort of online training series that goes with it as well. The exercises and the stretches and the things that you can be doing for your body to keep it in check when we go back into this new stressful zone, working in the office. So, start thinking about that now because you’ve got to have this ready to go. Basically when this isolation lifts and everyone starts going back into their offices, you need to be ready to hit, go and send a week long campaign; email in the morning, email in the afternoon, email in the morning, email in the afternoon, so forth and so on through, to get people to sign up for this week long campaign, and get people coming back in, attract them back in with good value, packaged up stuff, ready to go.
So, start thinking about that now so that you’ve got it ready to hit, send on as soon as everyone’s allowed to go back to work.