Practice management software is not a new tool. It is something that most of today’s health care providers rely on for day to day operations. You likely spend a great deal of your time and money working towards updating software and managing patient files. Sure, they are no longer on paper, but you still need to input the information into a computer system. Even a basic program can do this for you. But, could it do more? Do you wish that you could empower your software to do a few more things for you so that you didn’t have to repeat so many of the tasks that you handle on a day to day basis? With the right upgrades and linking tools, you can achieve much more, in fact.

Create a Connection Between Your Practice and Your Email Marketing Software

One of the best ways to see the benefits of an enhanced practice management software program is just to do this. You need to link your practice software, such as services like Cliniko, with your email marketing software, such as Keap (previously known as Infusionsoft). When you do this, through a third-party service, your software is better able to provide for more of the needs your practice has. Let’s talk about the ways in which it can help give your practice management software more ability to work for you.

#1: It automates the appointment process.

Let’s say a patient comes in for an appointment. You input their information into your basic practice software. Now, if you are hoping to set this person up for reminders about their next appointment, your staff needs to also update your marketing platform, such as Keap (Infusionsoft), with that person’s information. It is very common for this to be an afterthought and a forgotten step. However, with this type of enhanced software program, it is done automatically for you. They get the reminders you want them to about upcoming appointments.

#2: You want to send your patients relevant information.

Perhaps your practice is focused on holistic well-being. You want to encourage your patients to learn more about what the services you are offer are and why they benefit their health. You want to educate your patients with relevant information. When you have a tool in place to automate this process, it becomes easy to do this. The tool works to learn who in your practice software could benefit and then sets them up to receive those emails.

#3: You want to get back older patients.

Perhaps you want to ensure you can get older patients to return to you who may not have been in to see you in some time. The right type of tool can begin an email marketing series to attract those individuals and draw them in.

With practice management software like this, you are able to do much more than the basics. It can save you time and money while also helping you to provide a better level of service and care.