I know you understand how important it is to stay engaged with your clients.

Yours is very a personal business so you need to keep the trust and confidence of your clients.

If you lose that, your business is over.

You know how much you care about them, but do they?

You know, their need for you doesn’t go just because they can’t get to you.

Hi, Jason Buckner here from Clinic Connect and Automation Made easy. Now, one of the things that you’ll be struggling with during this coronavirus period, is absolutely that connection with your customers, that connection with your clients that aren’t necessarily coming into the clinic.
So, the next thing that I want you to do is to start thinking about some post-appointment engagement. And specifically what I want you to start thinking about, again I’m mentioning our Bonjoro, I want you to get the Bonjoro app, and a week after someone’s been in for their final visit or final visit in a series, or something like that, or even partway through a series, I want you to be recording a video,.
“Hi, it’s Jason here from…” whatever osteo that you are, or physio or chiro. “just touching base with you. I know you came in with that sore neck problem. Just want to make sure you’ve been doing your exercises,” demonstrate what the exercises are, whatever they might be, stretching this way, stretching this way, shoulder strokes, whatever they are they were, “and to check and see how your neck is going.” I’m recording through my camera, I’m seeing what I’m saying to the customer. “If all these good, just hit reply and let me know. If all is not good, hit reply and let me know so I can give you some advice. Otherwise, if all is terrible, I want you to click on the link below and book in for another session. Just a reminder, we’re all coronavirus sanitised, all of that sort of sort of stuff is covered,” et cetera, et cetera, hit send.
And so again, what’s happening here is, you’re going that extra step. Normally people would come in, they’d rebook and you would see them when they rebook, but now what you get to do is show your compassion, then show your genuine care by recording a video, and just checking in and seeing how people are. Now reply emails to those videos you can actually have set up to go to your admin team, instead of going back to the practitioner if that gets a little bit difficult for you. But during this time I would absolutely be scheduling half an hour per day, or half an hour every couple of days to schedule it into the day, this is what happens, this time every single one of these days. Schedule it in, spend 30 seconds, 45 seconds, every single person you’ve seen over the last week, and absolutely it’s going to help get that connection and that engagement.
What we’re finding is, the engagement is going up absolutely, but because it is both audio and visual and personalised, the engagement is going up dramatically, re-bookings are going up dramatically as a result.
Anyway, let me know if you’ve got any questions, otherwise, see you on the next one.