Wouldn’t it be useful if you could sync Cliniko purchases to your Keap (previously Infusionsoft) account?

We certainly think so, and that’s why we’ve been working hard to create this feature within ClinicKonnect.

I’ve recorded a short, to-the-point video to show you exactly how to do this… and how you can use this feature to ‘wow’ your customers:

This is for when someone purchases something from you. So this is not when someone comes in and has an appointment with you and pays for the appointment. This is if someone comes in and purchases something from you.

Let’s say one of your osteo patients, for example, might need to, to get a foam roller. They might need to use the foam roller and use it in conjunction with an exercise program to help them improve.

So if someone was to purchase, they would get this Cliniko Customer tag here, which is the purchase tag. This is basically to say they’re a customer.

Sync Cliniko Purchases

And then it will also sync through the product that’s been purchased into your Keap (previously Infusionsoft) shopping cart.

Now, what that means is we can then use the product purchased as a starting goal for a campaign. So if someone does purchase a foam roller, then what we might want to do is start a nurture campaign, after the purchase of the foam roller, reminding our customers of the exercises that they can be doing on the foam roller to improve their situation.

So this is another nurture process around the product that gives us a perfect opportunity to WOW our customers a little bit more.

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