Are you following up with those most important customers during Covid 19?

There is no doubt that this is a strange, unusual and stressful time for everyone at the moment.  We are all in the same boat without a doubt. In fact some of us cant even open our clinics.

If you are not on complete lockdown, then there are 2 customers that you absolutely have to follow up with. That’s your cancelled and missed appointments.

Now I know you say yes we send an SMS and a rebooking email.. But that style only engages with one of our senses.

Check out this new way that’s getting some brilliant results all round.

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Hi, Jason Buckner here from ClinicKonnect and AutomationMadeEasy. Just wanted to reach out if you’re struggling during this coronavirus period, which most clinics are, just wanting to reach out with a few strategies for you. The first one is the cancellations. Most of your customers probably work in the area that your clinic is, and so now they’re working from home and you’re getting a much higher rate of cancellation during this period.

There’s a simple technique that we use that increases your rebooking rates dramatically during this time. You can actually use this after this time as well. It’s through an app that we call Bonjoro. That’s B-O-N-J-O-R-O. Now we either do it manually, we get it into the app and it’s an app that sits on your mobile phone, or we set up a trigger. If you’re using Cliniko and an infusion software, set up triggers straight through to Bonjoro as well.

What happens is a trigger comes on your phone, click on the trigger and your record, “Hey, it’s Jason here from Melbourne Osteo,” we’ll say, or insert your business, “I noticed you canceled our session that was coming up today,” tomorrow, whenever that is, “and I just wanted to reach out and make sure that you are okay. Is everything all good? Is that why you’ve canceled? Or, have you canceled due to coronavirus and not being able to come into the city?

Just hit Reply and let me know that you’re okay to start with. If you’re still having that neck pain or if you’re still having,” whatever that pain is, “I urge you to just hit Reply and let me know. Otherwise, if you’re still having that pain, click in, book in for another session. Now just so you’re 100% aware, we’re 100% sanitized for the coronavirus period. Well, for all periods actually. It’s natural hygiene, and we do it in our clinic all the time,” et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. “Click on the link below and book in.”

What this app does, it sends a personalized video message directly through to that customer. We can send an SMS or we can send an email and it’s only written in communication, so there’s no emotion in it whatsoever. Then we could ring them and leave a telephone message. Again, it’s only verbal communication then, so you’re only using one sense to hear what’s going on there. But if we use our Bonjoro, we have video communication, as well as audio. You can see and hear what’s happening, and all of a sudden we’re using two senses, so the connection is higher.

The other thing is, what’s happening here is people are getting overwhelmed with the fact that you’re recording a personal video message for that particular customer. We use it actually in two instances. When someone misses their appointment or when someone cancels their appointment, we get on and we record one of these video messages. We can automate the triggers if we need to, or you just manually put them into the app and send them out. It’s super cool and it gets that engagement that we’re after so that people are seeing and hearing from you.

Now when you do this, I would do it from your practitioners. Don’t let the admin person do it. Do it from the practitioner who should have been seeing that person because it’s going to get a much higher level of engagement from there. Remember, of course, that outside of Cliniko or outside of the medical app that you’re using is not necessarily secure, so don’t mention specific medical problems. “How are you going with that sore neck” is perfectly okay, but no deeper than that sort of thing in medical conditions so that we’re keeping people’s privacy if something should happen on the Internet and get hacked or something like that.

Anyway, Bonjoro is the way to do it. Either trigger it automatically through your automation system or trigger it directly by typing it in or importing a CSV or something like that. During these times, your practitioners are going to have some downtime, so let’s schedule in one half-an-hour session per day that’s all recording these Bonjoros, 30 seconds each customer and your show rate or your reregistration rate or re-attendance rate will be much higher. Anyway, look forward to chatting with you soon.