Coronavirus has had an impact on almost every business. You’re probably feeling it, too.

However, at some stage you’re going to come out the other side of this turmoil, so you need your business to remain viable.

If you aren’t providing real value and regularly communicating with your clients during this COVID-19 time, and engaging with them, you could lose them to somebody who is.

You need your clients as much as they need you.

You have to find a way to continue helping your clients, even if they’re not coming in for their appointments.

How can you do that?

Can you do it with something that’s relevant to them right now?

So, you’re having some problems with your clinic right now. This coronavirus period is limiting the amount of people that are booking in for sessions and limiting the amount of people that are coming along for sessions. I guess you’re stressing a little bit at the moment on how you’re going to get through this period and then come out of it on the other side with people coming along to your clinic. If you don’t communicate and nurture, or engage with your database right now, it’s the most vital time in your business to be doing it. If you don’t do it right now, then your clinic is going to come through with far fewer people coming in than what it was beforehand, so I want you to make sure that you get out there and engage with your database.
The easiest way to do it is to send what we call a broadcast email to the entire database every single week, or at very least every single fortnight. Now, right now, you’re in the fortunate position to be able to be very, very specific with people’s pain, their physical pain, the problems that they’re having as a result of potentially working from home, and you can give some good skill onto how to fix that. For example, one of the problems a lot of people are having is they’ve been forced to work from home so they can’t come and visit you, but they’ve also been forced to work from home at their dining room table, or at their kitchen table, or sitting on their lounge with their laptop on their knee because they don’t have a proper desk setup environment at home. Which means, they’re going to have the wrong angle when they’re sitting at their desk. They’re going to have all of these extra pains coming through their back and their body that you could be potentially providing them with some exercise to do, to help with that.
So, absolutely get some broadcast emails out to your database pinpointing the problems that people are going to be having during this period and help them through. If you can help them through now, they’re bound to be more engaged. See what’s going to happen during this period as well, is people are going to flock to those people that are helping them through. Those of you that are sitting back and being quiet, you’re potentially going to lose your customers to all of those other providers that are providing this sort of help: desk setup, sore neck as a result of desk, extra stress. I’m sure that there’s some exercises you could be giving… Pardon me… there’s some exercise you could be giving your customers to reduce stress, to reduce headache tension, all of that sort of thing during this time. So, get creative and, and start getting some content out to your database. Record a video. Always, you’re in front of the video. Record a video, put it into a blog post, send an email to people, directing them towards that blog post.