Recently I shared with you some insights on what you can do to help your clients during the current, often trying, times.

We received so much interest in this topic that I’m digging a little deeper into this to make sure you are doing everything you can to really help your customers.

Watch this short, content-filled video now to learn more:

Hey folks, Jason Buckner here from ClinicKonnect and Automation Made Easy. Now I know it seems like I’m harping on this topic, but I find that it’s super important. And I don’t see a lot of businesses – a lot of clinics – doing this and you absolutely need to.

So I’m going to start with the question:

Are you meeting the needs of your customers or leads, during lock-down?

And if you’re like any of the clinics that I’m on their database to, you’re probably not. And what I mean is in times like this where we’re all in and out of lock-down, people can’t necessarily come to see you, especially in those city clinics.

You know, if it’s an emergency we can or if you’re inside our 5km radius… I don’t even know exactly what the rulings are on when I can and can’t go to the osteo or the physio or anything like that. I think it’s an emergency status.

And if I don’t know, then chances are your customers probably don’t know as well. Okay?

That’s number one thing.

Number two thing… if you’re in the city everyone seems locked down or staying at home in some way, shape or form. So they’re not around your clinic as well. So if they live in the suburbs, coming in to go to your clinic is the furthest thing on their mind and they’ll go somewhere local.

So what are you doing to stay front of mind… to help your customers… to stay engaged with your customers while all of this is going on?

It’s super important that you’re doing something about it now.

And the reason why I’m harping on this topic again is because I’m on a few databases of our clinics – osteo, physio, chiropractor – and I’m not getting my needs met, which potentially means you’re not meeting the needs of your ideal customer as well.

You know, I’m sporty. I get problems all the time. I see my osteo every five weeks, I’m one of those ideal customers that just keeps on coming in, and if you’re not meeting my needs so to speak, then you’re probably not meeting your ideal customer’s needs. You’ve got to get inside their head.

Let me explain a little bit more about what I’m talking about.

I can’t swim at the moment. Well, I can swim in the bay, but it’s a bit dirty out there today. So I can’t go out there today.

And so my swimming is irregular, so I’ve increased my walking. So I’m walking say 5km in the mornings and sometimes 5km in the afternoon. So as a result, maybe my glutes are getting a little bit tired. And the lockdown for me is an excuse to become a workaholic. So instead of sitting at the desk for maybe eight hours a day, maybe I’m here 10 or 12 hours a day, sometimes, maybe at odd times.

Therefore I’m finding the combination of me walking and my glutes getting tired, or even me running and my legs getting even tighter and sitting at the desk all day, compacting my back is giving me this sore back. And all I want to know is at the times that it’s getting sore – 11:15am usually… 11:45am and maybe 2 or 2:45 in the afternoon – it’s like, “Oh my God, my back’s sore.”

And I go off and I do some stretches, but they’re key times where my physio, my osteo, or my chiropractor could be emailing me knowing what’s going on in my life.

I’m not the only one who’s increased walking. I’m not the only one who’s maybe sitting at a sub-standard desk or set-up or sitting there for longer. And if my physio and osteo and chiropractor want me to continue to come back or your customers, if you want your customers to continue to come back, giving them solutions to these problems they’re having right now, topping them out, sending them some stretches… what are some stretches I could do to make sure my lower back isn’t getting sore from the two new things in my life?

They’re the sorts of things that you can be helping your customers with to stay engaged with them.

Think about when it might be. Think about when their back might be getting sore sitting at the desk. I can tell you now 11:15, 11:45 and about 2:45, 3 o’clock – these are good times to email, when you know this is happening for them.

Now, this is just an example. I want you to think about things bigger, outside the box. I do know one clinic that’s running a stretching session every lunch time. That’s a really good idea.

That sort of thing is going to help your customers, keep them engaged. Maybe a stretching session isn’t the right thing for you, but you do need something to be helping the problems that they’re going to be having as a result of COVID… as a result of lock-down.

You could even do something like what’s the proper desk set up, because most people are working from their dining room table. What can they do to make this right during these work-from-home times and so on and so forth?

I know I’m repeating myself, but are you really helping your customers through what they need to be doing during this time so that you stay engaged with them and they continue to come back?