One of the tasks many allied health professionals are keen to automate is how to sync Cliniko appointments to Keap (previously Infusionsoft). Thankfully, this is easily done when using the ClinicKonnect app.

In a recent blog post we showed you how to sync your Cliniko patients to your Keap account. If you haven’t already done that, you should set that up first.

Then you can go ahead and set up ClinicKonnect so your patient appointments made in Cliniko are all automatically synced to your Keap account.

Here’s a video we recorded to show exactly how to do that:

Next Appointment Booked:

So now we’re going to have a look at the syncing of the next appointment booked. If you have a look at this tag here that comes across when someone books an appointment, ClinicKonnect will sync that appointment into Keap (previously Infusionsoft).

How To Sync Cliniko Appointments To Keap 1

And I just want to show you a few places and what it does.

The first thing it does is, it will apply the tag “Next Appointment Booked”. You can then start a campaign with that.

Now remember, of course, to remove that tag as the first step inside your campaign. So the next time the patient books an appointment, you can start the campaign again.

Custom Fields:

What happens is there’s some custom fields that will be set up into your account and the one that will – or there’s a couple, when the next appointment is booked – the appointment start time will be merged into the appointment start time here.

And then the appointment type will be merged into “Appointment Type”, and the practitioner name will be merged into “Practitioner Name”.

How To Sync Cliniko Appointments To Keap 2

So start appointment, start appointment type, and practitioner name all merge across when an appointment is booked.

Now our system only books the next appointment, that is, the next most recent or the most pending appointments. So if someone books three or four or five appointments, it will only sync the next one until that appointment has passed.

Then the next appointment again will sync across into Keap (Infusionsoft). So it only syncs the next most recent or the next most pending, so that we only have one set of fields in here and not multiple sets of fields.

Now, again, just going through what gets synced:

  • Appointments Start
  • Appointment Type and
  • Practitioner Name.

Now Appointment Type is really important as well as Practitioner Name.

Because of course, if we sync across an appointment booking around a particular appointment type, for example, say you’ve got three or four different appointment types. One of them might be in your clinic. And one of them might be a home visit for example, or something like that.

If you set Appointment Type in your appointments in Cliniko and it merges across to Keap (Infusionsoft), then we can do a filter in a campaign on, one channel will be an Appointment Type for internal appointments. One type one will be a channel for home visit appointments.

And then you can automatically split between the 2, 3, 4… whatever you need to do in a decision diamond and have a different follow up based on each appointment.

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